Box Real Estate Development ("BoxDevCo") seeks to identify real estate investment opportunities that yield above market returns relative to their risks.  Our business is based around anticipating where real estate and financial markets are headed, and using this knowledge to realize equity creation and growth opportunities.

BoxDevCo is headquartered in Kansas City and focuses on real estate acquisition and development in the central United States for industrial, retail, and office properties.  We provide a full spectrum of services including fund creation and administration, asset management, and construction management.

Services provided include:

Fee Development

Real estate development is complex and requires a deep level of experience across multiple fields of specialization. When a firm or municipality needs to have something built that doesn’t currently exist, they need someone to look out for their best interests. For this reason, BoxDevCo will often be hired as a owner-rep or tenant-rep consultant as a single point of contact to manage the various trades, and payment is typically handled as a percentage of project costs and based largely on performance.

At-Risk Development

BoxDevCo engages in a variety of development projects, both build-to-suit for a specific user and speculative construction.  These projects range from land development, to ground-up construction, to master-planning. Project sizes typically range from $1-25 million in aggregate. BoxDevCo is particularly skilled with complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.

Master Planning Services

Planning for large complex projects involving multiple stakeholders requires considerable patience, creativity, and experience in all property types. It’s often a giant board game where the most creative players can out-maneuver those who can’t react fast enough.


Consulting projects can range in size and complexity, from a simple advisory role to a full owner's rep development agreement. 


Box Real Estate creates and manages entities that allow investors to earn risk-adjusted returns on real estate investments.  These include single-purpose limited liability companies, tenant-in-common (TIC) investment vehicles, acquisition funds, and development funds.


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